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A place for other plans, projects, interests and ideas, which will develop along with, shall we say, 'events'. For instance, below you'll find a collection of some online writing.

As to other developments...watch this space.

Online Writing

Since July 2006 I've been writing a blog, 'Obscene Desserts', which you can find here.

My writing can also be found at:

The extraordinary online resource,


  • "Poseurs of the World Unite," a rather long-winded and ill-tempered reaction to an article linking evidence-based reasoning to, erm, fascism. Yeah, it sounded crazy to me too. Hence the long wind and ill temper.

The highly readable (indeed, as their advice to authors puts it, 'minty fresh') journal, www.freezerbox.com

  • "Why Conservatives Hate Europe," a piece in which I manage to combine two book reviews, a hefty dose of spleen and a (perhaps overworked) metaphor involving urine.

  • "All Quiet on the Western Front: A Report on the Elections in Germany" an essay on the 2002 German national elections that points out some remarkable (but little remarked upon) results.

  • "Nein means Nein," a closer look at the German "no" to the Gulf War.

The worth-reading (and now venerable) online journal


[UPDATE: It seems that for the moment the people's turtle is taking a well-deserved rest. Hopefully she'll re-awake soon, but until then these articles are unavailable.]

  • "Real Men," a review of the film Fight Club, in the context of the history of male fistfighting in Britain

  • "Loving in a Rock and Roll Fantasy," a review of the films High Fidelity and Antoine et Colette

  • "Star-Spangled Blather," a review of the film The Patriot

  • "Bastards in the White House," an article written about the 2000 presidential election (when the end result was still not clear)

  • "Dubya Won, No Way Bud," a bit of on the spot journalism written about the 2000 presidential election (when the end result was depressingly clear enough).

  • "Violence, National Identity, Multiculturalism," an article sparked by my reflections on the Bradford riots in July 2001

  • "Getting the Vapors," thoughts on the growing rift between the United States and Europe in the wake of September 11th.

  • "There'll Always Be an England?" a review of Billy Bragg's album England, Half English in light of Colin MacInnes's book of the same title

  • "Why Him Again?" a lamentation in view of the outcome of the 2004 election.